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Funeral Arrangements in Sarasota FL

As you begin making arrangements (whether you’re pre-planning or dealing with an immediate need), the first question you’ll need to settle is whether you prefer burial or cremation.

Burial or Cremation?

Choosing between burial and cremation is a deeply personal decision. And while there are many, many factors that may affect which you choose, perhaps most important of all are the wishes of the individual.

Are there religious beliefs or traditions that may lead to a preference for burial?

Is a single permanent resting place preferable? Or would it be more desirable for ashes to be scattered in a certain place… or in multiple places? 

Do those left behind wish to keep ashes close by?

Many people automatically assume that cremation is a less expensive option. And while it certainly can be, the decision usually involves more than just the financial implications.

At Jennings Funeral Home & Crematory, we have many options that allow you to carry out the wishes of the individual and the loved ones in a very personal way without breaking the bank. And of course, if you prefer to really create a unique experience, we can help you do so regardless of the budget.

After many years of helping people just like you, I can tell you that the ones who feel the best about the decisions they made are those who took the time to evaluate all the options. Chances are, you may not be aware of the many remembrances and keepsakes that are available to suit any budget which will help you do what you want to do.

For burial, we offer any number of options for caskets and for memorial services that will celebrate the life of the individual and also allow children, family and loved ones to take home something from the ceremony.

If you choose cremation, we have a variety of options that will allow you to spread ashes safely and conveniently… Perhaps you prefer to keep ashes in a traditional urn. Or perhaps you’d prefer to keep them concealed in a beautiful decorative piece so that it’s less obvious to others what is safely ensconced inside.

Whatever your preferences may be, we invite you to create the memories of a lifetime. We’ve helped hundreds of individuals navigate through these decisions… and we invite you to allow us to provide a listening ear and the trusted guidance you need.

How Much Should I Spend on “Saying Goodbye?”

Regardless of whether you’re thinking about burial or cremation, financial considerations always enter into the decision-making process at some point. And most of us thankfully do not plan funerals or memorial services frequently. Since that’s true, however, our lack of experience tends to make an uncomfortable process that much more difficult. So we often begin by thinking about the cost first… simply because we need to start somewhere.

But after years and years of experience, I can tell you that even though financial considerations are very important, they don’t make for a good starting point.

Here’s a real-life situation that may help you understand why this is true.

Recently I was talking to someone about pre-planning his own arrangements with his wife. Let’s call him Bob. Bob was thinking out loud about how he and is wife (let’s call her Sally) would likely react to the planning process. Here’s what Bob said:

“I know that Sally and I would both say the same thing to each other:

‘Honey, don’t spend a lot of money on my funeral.’

The only problem is that I know if I were to plan her funeral, I would really want to celebrate her life and give our children and other family and friends a really nice memorable opportunity to say goodbye and remember her. It would be a real ‘Celebrate Sally’ day.

And if she were planning my funeral, she’d probably want to do the same thing. 

In other words, if left up to us… each of us would spend more on the other person than the other person would think was a good idea.”

And while no two people are exactly alike, thinking about what Bob said really drives this point home:

Saying goodbye with a funeral or memorial service isn’t so much about Bob or Sally… it’s about their children… their loved ones… their close friends… and all the other people whom their lives touched. It’s about giving everyone left behind the opportunity to step through the grieving process… and come through it with good memories.

And so while we must make whatever we do fit within an appropriate budget – for some of us that will be more or less perhaps than for others – a far more important place to begin the conversation is…

“What sort of memories do we want to create for all of those who have a real need to say goodbye?”

And this begins by thinking about how Bob or Sally touched our lives. What sort of person were they? What were their interests? …their passions? How did they spend their time? Did they give significant chunks of their life to a cause? How do they want to be remembered?

At Jennings Funeral Home, my team and I will work very hard to help you plan a celebration of life that will create good memories… and we can help you do so in a way that’s very personal, very unique… and that will fit your budget.

Here are some questions you can use to help get started thinking about the process:

  • What would you like to do?
  • What do you envision?
  • How can we celebrate the life of the person that we are there to remember?
  • Are there hobbies… pursuits… interests… military service… volunteerism… children… grandchildren… and so on that we want to acknowledge?
  • What unique moments in this person’s life do we want to focus on?

As you think this over and begin to sketch out plans… keep in mind that it makes sense to talk this over with others who will be likely be involved with celebrating and saying, “Goodbye.”

And you will find that we have numerous options that will help you create a uniquely-tailored experience that all can walk away from saying, “I got to say goodbye… and I will always remember that we did it in a way that we really feel good about.”

If You Prefer a Burial

  1. Select from our beautiful array of caskets
  2. Choose from our basic options for services… or customize your own
  3. Add on any optional keepsakes
  4. Contact us to complete preparations.

If You Prefer Cremation

  1. Select a Cremation Container (Why Do I Need a Casket for Cremation?)
  2. Choose from our basic options for services… or customize your own
  3. Based upon plans for the ashes, select options for scattering, traditional urns, and/or decorative urns.
  4. Add on any optional keepsakes
  5. Contact us to complete preparations.

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